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International Aluminium Institute (IAI)

The IAI is the global forum of aluminium producers dedicated to the development and wider use of aluminium as a competitive and uniquely valuable material. The IAI in all its activities supports the concept that aluminium is a material that lends itself to improving world living standards and developing a better and sustainable world environment.

The IAI reflects the aluminum industry's wish to promote wider understanding of its activities and its responsibility of approach on questions of environmental protection, public health and safety in the workplace.


Communicating the views and positions of the aluminum industry to international agencies and other relevant parties.


The IAI currently has 23 Member companies with operations in a total of 24 countries. At present the membership is responsible for around 60% of world primary aluminum production. The IAI Delegate/Director from each Member is usually its Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director. The Institute’s meetings are therefore held at the highest level in the Industry.