We would like to acknowledge the many collaborations that contributed to the work presented in this paper: Craig Bevans, Corey Hutchings, Tom Longazel, Mark Shook, Duane Stewart, and Brian Taggart of DACCO SCI; Bob Kogler and Shaung-Ling Chong of the Federal Highway Administration; Ray Dickie and John Huff of Ford; Brian Apgar and Gary Gross of Lockheed Martin; Larry Drzal and Mike Rich of Michigan State University; Paul Mehrkam of NAVAIR; and Don Nieser of Tinker AFB. The original corrosion sensor work was funded by AFOSR under contract F49620-95-C-0040. The composites moisture work is being funded by NAVAIR under contract N00421-99-C-1318. The adhesive bonding work was funded by AFOSR under contract F49620-98-C-0072.

In-Situ Sensor to Detect Moisture Intrusion and Degradation of Coatings, Composites, and Adhesive Bonds, G.D. Davis, C.M. Dacres, and L.A. Krebs, DACCO SCI Inc.