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Corrosion Testing Made Easy: Erosion-Corrosion

by Pierre R. Roberge

2004 by NACE Press Book: 8.5" x 11", hardbound, figures, tables, references, index ISBN: 1-57590-173-0


This is the eighth and final installment of NACE Corrosion Testing Made Easy series! The series has been in development for more than 12 years. This new volume of the Corrosion Testing Made Easy series introduces concepts of electrochemistry and fluid dynamics in the context of erosion-corrosion and flow-assisted corrosion (FAC). The book reviews test methods that can provide means to qualify materials for usage in flow intense situations. The principle of mass transfer equivalence is explained to correlate results obtained between test methods and field situations. Specific test methods described in the book have been arranged into rotating systems (disk, cylinder, and cage) and flow systems (flow loop, nozzle or orifice, and impinging jet).

1	Introduction
2	Erosion Corrosion Basics
 2.1	 Factors Affecting Erosion-corrosion
2.1.1	  Material Factor
  2.1.2	  Environment Factor
  2.1.3	  Fluid Movement
  2.1.4	  Temperature Factor
  2.1.5	  Geometry Factor
  2.1.6	  Galvanic Interactions
 2.2	 Thermodynamics
 2.3	 Reaction Kinetics
2.3.1	  Kinetics under polarization	
  2.3.2	  Electrolytic resistance (ohmic drop)
  2.3.3	  Activation polarization
  2.3.4	  Concentration polarization	
 2.4	 Fluid Flow Basics
2.4.1	  Turbulent boundary layer and wall shear stress
  2.4.2	  Erosion-corrosion mechanisms
  2.4.3	  Solid particle impingement
  2.4.4	  Liquid droplet impingement
  2.4.5	  Air bubble impingement
  2.4.6	  Cavitation
3	Erosion-Corrosion Testing
 3.1	 Mass transfer coefficient
3.1.1	  Dissolving wall method
  3.1.2	  Limiting current density technique (LCDT)
  3.1.3	  Analogy with heat transfer
  3.1.4	  Mass transfer coefficient and surface geometry
 3.2	 Rotating Systems
3.2.1	  Rotating Disc
  3.2.2	  Rotating Cylinder
  3.2.3	  Rotating Cage
 3.3	 Flow Systems
3.3.1	  Flow loop
  3.3.2	  Nozzle or Orifice
  3.3.3	  Impinging Jet