Research & Development

Corrosion Doctors' Web Mission

The Corrosion Doctors Web site brings in focus new tools, events and concepts to quantify corrosion damage and the benefits of proposed solutions. The site contains a series of modules that can be used for training in corrosion science and engineering and much more on batteries, fuel cells and other electrochemical systems that can be explored at leisure.

The Corrosion Doctors site is designed and maintained by KTS, a small company that specializes in the development of software systems. The Corrosion Doctors site was launched at the end of Summer 1999. The positive and continuous feedback received since the very first moments of the site existence is reflected in the number of pages that have been constructed from international sources. The site now contains one thousand pages of instructive information.

Main Features

  • More than fifty information modules on topics related to corrosion and its prevention.

  • Plus more than ten modules on electrochemical processes.

  • A complete alphabetical Index of keywords for each page of the site.

  • Sub-indexes for specific topics such as ...

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