Distance Learning

Information Systems

Corrosion problems are best addressed by capturing and managing the intelligence we have of systems. The Corrosion Doctors team and its partners have been involved in the organization of Conferences and Workshops covering various aspects Artificial Intelligence for the mitigation and management of corrosion damage.

The following are some applications, concepts, techniques and special products the Corrosion Doctors have been associated with:

  • Corrosion management

  • Aircraft maintenance systems

  • Primary and secondary water chemistry management in nuclear plants

  • Risk assessment in pipeline corrosion management

  • Filter debris analysis for engine diagnosis

  • Materials selection (Corsur)

Tools, Methods and Concepts
  • Expert system shells

  • Knowledge engineering

  • Neural network systems

  • Reliability analysis

  • Knowledge trees

Special Products

  • KTS Thermo for charting thermodynamics and plotting Pourbaix diagrams

  • Corrosion Toolbox for the interpretation of polarization curves

  • ProPer for a simple analysis of complex impedance diagrams, ideal for automation of EIS in the laboratory and perfect for field deployment