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Corrosion of Appliances

There are some common areas of significant corrosion impact for major home appliances and comfort conditioning appliances. The corrosion types include: internal corrosion from process water and external corrosion from wet locations. (reference)

Internal Corrosion

Internal corrosion in appliances is a problem because it limits the useful life. The most important reason for corrosion in appliances is the water that is being handled by the equipment. This type of corrosion affects the internal components of appliances and limits life expectancy. In the category of major home appliances, the following appliances are most susceptible to internal corrosion:

In the category of comfort conditioning appliances, the following appliances are most susceptible to internal corrosion:

External Corrosion

The second type of corrosion that affects the appliances is external corrosion. External corrosion can deteriorate the appearance of the surface of an appliance, but that generally does not limit the capability of an appliance to function properly. However, the value of appliances surely decreases when external corrosion occurs, because consumers do not find rusty appliances in their home appealing. In addition to corrosion of non-coated surfaces, corrosion can occur when coated or painted surfaces become chipped or nicked.

Examples of wet environments around appliances are a furnace or a boiler in the humidity of a damp basement, an air conditioning unit standing in a yard or hanging from a window, being exposed to the rain and moisture (especially in coastal areas where salt is in the air), and kitchen equipment of which the exteriors are often cleaned with water or wet towels.

Corrosion Impact by Type of Appliance

Corrosion issues vary with the type of appliance. Corrosion can build up and destroy parts of or the entire appliance. The areas of major corrosion impact regarding the internal components of appliances are described for several appliances that can be significantly affected by corrosion. These appliances include: