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History of the Great Buddha of Kamakura

Between the years 1147-1189 a woman attendant, named Inadano came to cherish a desire to have a great image of the Buddha. She left court service in order to devote herself to raising funds for the construction of the image. A monk named Joko co-operated with her in fund raising by traveling all over the country and the construction started in 1238.

The first image was a wooden one and it was damaged by a storm. Then it was proposed that the image be made of bronze and the bronze image was completed with a hall to enshrine, but was again destroyed by a storm. Again it was re-constructed but once again it was smashed by a heavy gale in 1368. The fourth construction was also swept away by a tidal wave leaving the image exposed to the sun. Then a big earthquake came in September 1923 but it did not harm the body but destroyed its base which was repaired in 1926.

Other landmarks: Christ the Redeemer, Colossus, Delhi pillar, Eiffel tower, Golden Gate bridge, Great Buddha, Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), Guggenheim Museum (NYC), Normandy bridge, Oresund crossing, Quebec Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Thames Barrier, Titanic, Tower of the Orologio