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Delhi Iron Pillar

A Unique Scientific Phenomenon from Ancient India 

By Thako Hari Goswami, K.K. Prasad and H.S. Ray, Science Report, August 1997

Mr. Thako Hari Goswami is Ex-Research Scholar, Chemistry Department, IIT, Kharagpur; Mr. K.K. Prasad is Deputy General Manager, R&D Centre for Iron and Steel, Steel Authority Of India Limited (SAIL), Ranchi; Dr. H.S. Ray is Director, Regional Research Laboratory, Bhubaneswar

Other landmarks: Christ the Redeemer, Colossus, Delhi pillar, Eiffel tower, Golden Gate bridge, Great Buddha, Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), Guggenheim Museum (NYC), Normandy bridge, Oresund crossing, Quebec Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Thames Barrier, Titanic, Tower of the Orologio