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FPSO Corrosion Control Summary

Day One Deployment

From a cathodic protection standpoint, it is wise to think of FPSO's as floating production structures rather than ships. With this guideline, the cathodic protection system can be designed in much the same way as one would approach a Tension Leg Platform (TLP) or a SPAR type structure. These structures are somewhat more complex than the average FPSO, but have many of the same attributes on a larger scale. Unless there are very good reasons why impressed current should be used, we recommend sacrificial anodes as the most reliable and cost effective long term option.

It is important to ensure that there is electrical continuity through various mechanically connected components, and that all systems are compatibly designed.


In the event that a system needs to be replaced offshore, we would recommend consideration of impressed current deployed remotely from the hull.

Adapted from Cathodic Protection Strategies for FPSO's Jim Britton

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