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Introduction to Pollution Information

The damages caused to the environment by pollution are large and rapidly increasing with the wild industrialization of many countries of the world. Corrosion of materials and systems is often partly responsible for pollution accidents. Environmental corrosion is also a by-product of pollution, particularly when dealing with atmospheric corrosion and the corrosion of historical landmarks or artifacts.

The direct costs associated with the corrosion of a valve, an oil tanker, a gas pipeline, can be tremendously amplified when the subsequent events result in pollution excursions. Releases of oil from pipelines can contaminate drinking water and crops, cause expensive property damage, kill fish, and create explosions and fires. The lack of proper maintenance in the Bhopal plant has resulted in the worst industrial catastrophe in history. Severe corrosion of the Erika oil tanker has been blamed for the environmental catastrophe that struck the coast of France in last days of 1999.

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