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Corrosion in the Arts

From Rust to Dust

Corrosion has often been a source of inspiration for different artists, from musicians to painters and photographers. Poets have also mused on the effects of corrosion in our societies. This module will present a few examples of these inspired moments that one can find by searching the Web.

As we are terribly concerned with the corrosion of family values, let us remember C. S. Lewis' tongue-in-check advice from senior devil Screwtape to his apprentice devil. Corrupt by diverting their attention: “The game is to have them all running about with fire extinguishers whenever there is a flood.” If an active faith commitment does not affect sexual orientation, and if, as it is beginning to look, sexual orientation is an enduring identity rather than a lifestyle choice, than why not spend our energies where they can make a difference on the real problems of a culture in social decline?

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