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Quebec Bridge

The Quebec Bridge, located at mile 2.70, Bridge Sub-division Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, was considered the eighth "Wonder of The World", when construction was completed in 1919. It is the longest cantilever, steel Railway Bridge in the world. Its "sister" bridge is the Firth of Forth Bridge in Scotland. The Quebec Bridge is a riveted steel structure with 8,000,000 square feet of coatable structural steel. The overall length is 3239 feet and the width is 94 feet. The bridge is 340 feet high, from the top of the cantilever to the water below. Each cantilever span is 580 feet long.

The Quebec Bridge accommodates 1 rail line, 3 lanes of automotive traffic and 2 pedestrian walkways. The Quebec Bridge was declared a historic monument in 1987, by the Canadian & American Society of Civil Engineers and a National Historic Site on January 24, 1996 by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Structure History

The first bridge South Anchor Arm and a portion of the Center Span failed catastrophically August 29, 1907, due to design changes during construction, which significantly increased the weight of the structure. In September1916, the pre-fabricated Center Span fell, while being raised into position. The second Quebec Bridge was completed in September 1917, at a total cost of $25 Million Dollars.