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Water displacing compounds

Water displacing or displacement compounds are a class of corrosion prevention compounds (CPCs) that are useful by providing supplementary protection for paint systems that have deteriorated or become damaged in service. They are applied as fluids by wiping, brushing, spraying or dipping, and they are usually immiscible with water and displace water from surfaces and crevices. A number of fluids used are based on lanolin and contain various solvents and inhibitors.

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The evaporation of the solvents leaves either thin soft films, semi-hard films or hard resin films providing varying degrees of protection. Some of these fluids may be used to provide short-term protection. They should then exhibit excellent water displacing characteristics and leave a thin oily film providing short-term corrosion protection. One widespread method of application of such compounds is called 'fogging.' The fog created by the applicator can be distributed evenly in the most intricate components as illustrated in the following pictures: