Corrosion Fatigue

"Some of the workshop papers discussed the significance of corrosion-fatigue as a safety issue or an economic issue. There is ample data to support the contention that it is definitely an economic issue. There is also ample data to support the contention that it has not been a significant safety problem. However, the problem is certainly a potential safety concern if maintenance does not perform their task diligently. In addition, management must continuously update established maintenance and inspection practices to address additional real-time degradation threats for aircraft operated well beyond their initial design certification life. The economic issue alone is sufficient to motivate the support of research and development that can reduce the maintenance burden. This research will also reduce the threat of catastrophic failure from the corrosion damage." (Lincoln, J., Simpson, D., Introduction to Reference 38).

Review of Pitting Corrosion Fatigue Models, D.W. Hoeppner, V. Chandrasekaran, and A.M.H. Taylor, University of Utah and FASIDE International Inc.