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CPC Performance Testing

 Salt Spray

The Times to Failure (TTF) for various CPCs are shown in Figures II-IV. Most of the WDSF CPCs provided protection for periods of less than 100 hours. The notable exceptions were Boeshield T-9 (270 hours) and CRC Protector 100 (840+ hours) (Figure II). These two products have a waxy consistency when dry compared to the other products which have an oily texture. (reference)

Figure II. Times to failure for WDSF CPCS in the neutral salt spray test.

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All of the NWDSF CPCs provided protection for over 200 hours (Figure III). Tectyl 502 and Fluid Film Aerosol with failure times of 912 and 982 hours respectively were the best performed of the products tested to date.

Figure III. Times to failure for NWDSF CPCs in the neutral salt spray test.

The results for the WDHF and the NWDHF CPCs are shown in Figure IV . In the salt spray test, the NWDHF CPCs offered much better protection than the WDHF CPCs. Several of the NWDHF products protected for 1500 hours at which time the tests were stopped. It is worth noting that the Boeing Specification BMS 3-29 calls for 1500 hours of protection on aluminium alloy AA 2024 in the salt spray test.

Figure IV. Times to failure for WDHF and NWDHF CPCs in the neutral salt spray test.

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