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Distance Learning

Corrosion awareness is a key line of defense against corrosion damage and its consequences. Corrosion training has traditionally been offered in classroom settings, with educators and trainees sharing the same space and time.With increase pressure on personnel and tighter schedules all around, traditional workshops and courses have lost a good fraction of support base. However, corrosion problems have not gone away and awareness is still the best line of defense.

The Royal Military College of Canada has offered training in corrosion engineering for the past two decades to undergraduates and graduates. Many short courses and workshops have also been offered over the same period. With the advent of broader Internet bandwidths and increasing familiarity with Web browsers, the Corrosion Doctors team has taken a big plunge, investigated what Mr. Bloom had to say about distance learning, and created a brand new distance learning course offered for the first time in January 2003.
Potential advantages of the computer based training approach over a conventional course offering include access to a larger target population and optimization of the shrinking expert instructor pool. However, experience has shown that, despite advances in software applications, an enormous investment in professional time in planning and developing course material is required. The Corrosion Doctors site was specifically designed to test new concepts and information structures to support training in house or across large distances.

The goal of theTraining Center is to encourage the use of the site in support of training even at the most basic level. Such an explicit admission wants to encourage international feedback for growing these facilities into an unequivocal efficiency level. After all, direct contact in a classroom setting, with its 5% maximum retention efficiency, should not be a difficult challenge ... if it was not for the extreme conservatism characteristic of most teaching institutions.