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Dream Hacking

As early as 1975, dream researchers found out that acetylcholine and its inhibitors are somehow involved with dream sleep. Around the same time, high acetylcholine levels in the brain was associated with the prevention of memory loss, which is why it appears to be effective in treating Alzheimer disease. So, we know that the presence of galantamine has been shown to promote dreaming sleep.  Specifically, the compound acts immediately to increase the duration of REM sleep, and the dream state is made more structurally sound. Also, not only does galantamine increase the period of sleep that gives us dreams, but it also seems to help with recalling those dreams upon awakening.

In 2004, Stephen LaBerge even applied for a patent  (Substances that enhance recall and lucidity during dreaming) for the use of cholinesterase inhibitors like galantamine to promote lucid dreaming.. While dream researchers had discussed the importance of the cholinergic systems with dream creation and dream recall, no one had yet mentioned that it may increase the likelihood of self-awareness in dreams as well. (reference)

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