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Tower of the Orologio

The glittering gilded and enamelled faces of the Tower, built near the end of the fifteen century AD,look on one side toward San Marco Square and the sea and on the other toward the crowded commercial district of the Mercerie and Rialto. The circular face-clock is placed just above the vault, within a marble bas-relief framework, surrounded by four small marble windows situated on the corners of this first sector; the complex functioning of the clock was there to exalt science, mathematics, mechanics and astronomy.

The central order is characterized by a niche, decorated by columns, protecting the Madonna with the Child; around the sacred figures, symbol of the religious creed, Magi's homage was set; sideways of this, today there are two windows where it is possible to see the numbers of hours and minutes.

On the highest part, there is the winged lion of San Marco, expression of the political power, with an open Gospel. This composition is in marble as well and stands out of a background, consisting of a blue mosaic and golden stars. As a conclusive element, on the terrace there are two Moors hitting a bronze bell.

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