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Corrosion in Argentina

The following map of the atmospheric corrosivity measured in Argentina was adapted from "Atmospheric Corrosion of Copper in Ibero-America" by M. Morcillo, E. Almeida, M. Marrocos, and B. Rosales, Corrosion, Vol. 57, No. 11, pages 967-980.

Air Pollution in Argentina

The city of Buenos Aires covers an area of approximately 9,936 square miles, is Argentina's largest urban center and Latin America's third largest. Although the population of Buenos Aires is only 3.1 million, this statistic balloons each day as 12 million workers, tourists and students flood the city. Accompanying this influx of people every day are some 8 million cars and a large fleet of buses accounting for 60% of the total number of automobiles in Argentina and creating serious health problems.

Like many major Latin American cities, Buenos Aires has struggled with little success to curb the level of automobile emissions through stronger regulations on automobile exhaust systems, planning for public transportation or the promotion of clean-vehicle technology. Most experts remain skeptical that Argentina will be able to fulfill its voluntary promise of 2%-10% reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2010. In 1997, carbon emissions from the industrial sector (15.1 million metric tons of carbon) comprised 43% of all carbon emissions in Argentina. The majority of industrial carbon emissions in Argentina are the result of coal-fired iron and steel plant operations. The transportation sector was responsible for 33% of carbon emissions, with 11.7 million metric tons of carbon. Carbon emissions from the transportation sector are growing rapidly and pose the largest threat towards Argentina's hopes of reducing its overall greenhouse gas emissions. Total carbon emissions from the residential and commercial sectors accounted for 17% and 7%, respectively, of the country's total in 1997. (reference)

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