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Water Glossary - J

  • Jar test: A laboratory test procedure with differing chemical doses, mix speeds, and settling times, to estimate the minimum or ideal coagulant dose required to achieve water quality goals.

  • Jet stream: A long narrow meandering current of high-speed winds near the tropopause blowing from a generally westerly direction and often exceeding a speed of 250 miles per hour.

  • Jetteau: A jet of water.

  • Jetter: One (as a geyser) that sends out a jet.

  • Jetty: A structure (as a pier or mole of wood or stone) extending into a sea, lake, or river to influence the current or tide or to protect a harbor.

  • Jökulhlaup: Destructive flood that occurs as the result of the rapid ablation of ice by volcanic activity beneath the ice of a large glacier.

Water glossary