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Water Glossary - V

  • Vapor: The gaseous phase of substances that are liquid or solid at atmospheric temperature and pressure, e.g., steam.

  • Vaporize: Conversion of a liquid into vapor.

  • Venturi: A channel that serves the measurement of water flows.

  • Vested water right: The right granted by a state water agency to use either surface or ground water.

  • Virgin flow: The streamflow which exists or would exist if man had not modified the conditions on or along the stream or in the drainage basin.

  • Viruses: The smallest life forms known, that are not cellular in nature. They live inside the cells of animals, plants and bacteria and often cause disease. They are made up of a chromosome surrounded by a protein shell.

  • Viscosity: The syrupiness of water and it determines the mobility of the water. When the temperature rises, the viscosity degrades; this means that water will be more mobile at higher temperatures.

  • VOC: Volatile Organic Compound. Synthetic organic compounds which easily vaporize and are often carcinogenic.

  • Void: The pore space or other openings in rock. The openings can be very small to cave size and are filled with water below the water table.

Water glossary