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Statue of Liberty

Beautiful Liberty

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  • Statue of Liberty in New York harbor

    • She is the beauty of time which is as old as creation.

    • She has values you can't put a price on!

    • She holds the torch of faith which lights the skies at night.

    • Her strength is her beauty as she smiles at the ships in time of need the length of her dress is as beautiful as time goes on.

    • She stands by herself in your time of faith, the tabloid of knowledge is her book of knowledge, her knowledge being her book of knowledge.

    • Her knowledge is hers to show you your faith in her knowledge and in her faith which is your path to the road of liberty to your home of faith!

    • She gives you her problems so you can help her and others.

    • She solves your problems as she gives you hers so give her a kiss of gratitude as being your torch of life and liberty in happiness.

    • Her crown is yours as she is our Statue of Liberty! You can take a bow as she is our torch of faith.

    • Take pride in her which is for you keep her American stand of dreams come true.

    • Keep her faith as her foundation is yours, to hold on to keep her safe, give her freedom as she gives us her courage to stand for her grace!

    • Keep her beauty shining as she is our lady. Hold her hand as she needs encouragement. Her faith in war or in peace she is always here.

    • She is the faith of America for her faith is your faith for your faith is her face to give you love.

    • The love of freedom is yours to keep as long as the American flag waves for peace and honor in her days of old and days of new!

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