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Corrosion Monitoring & Inspection Glossary - B

  • Bacterial count: A measure of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria possibly causing corrosion through a combination of water sampling and bio-film sampling from coupons. Cultures may be involved.

  • Batch, Batching: Separated volume of liquid within a liquids pipeline or of liquid within a gas pipeline. Sealing (batching) pigs are typically used for separation.

  • Batching Pig: A utility pig that forms a moving seal in a pipeline to separate liquid from gas media or to separate two different products being transported in the pipeline. The most common configurations of batching pigs are cup pigs and sphere pigs.

  • Bellhole: An excavation to permit a survey, inspection, maintenance, repair, or replacement of pipe sections.

  • B-Scan: A cross-sectional display of a test object formed by plotting the beam path lengths for echoes with a preset range of amplitude, in relation to the position of beam axis (in ultrasonic testing), or the values of the measured magnetic field (with magnetic flux leakage [MFL]), as the probe is scanned in one direction only.

  • Buckle: A partial collapse of structural material due to excessive bending associated, in the case of a pipeline, with soil instability, land slides, washouts, frost heaves, earthquakes, etc.

Corrosion Inspection and Monitoring