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Corrosion Monitoring & Inspection Glossary - T

  • Tafel plot: Graph of overpotential versus logarithm of current in an electrochemical cell; thus, the slope is V/Log (i).

  • Tensile Stress: Stress that elongates the material.

  • Tenting: A tent-shaped void formed along the longitudinal seam-weld or circumferential weld reinforcement in a pipe when the external coating is not in continuous intimate contact with the pipe and weld surfaces.

  • Terrain Conditions: The soil type, drainage, and topography at a given location.

  • Testing: See hydrostatic retesting.

  • Thin layer activation (TLA): Corrosion monitoring technique which provides a measure of the loss of material from a previously irradiated metal through its drop in radioactivity.

  • Tool: A generic term signifying any type of instrumented tool or pig.

  • Transducer: A device for converting energy from one form to another, for example, in ultrasonic testing, conversion of electrical pulses to acoustic waves and vice versa.

  • Transgranular cracking: Mode of cracking that occurs across the crystallographic grain structure of a metal.

  • Transmission Line: A pipeline, other than a gathering or distribution line, that transports gas from a gathering or storage facility to a distribution center or storage facility; operates at a hoop stress of 20% or more of the specified minimum yield strength of the pipe; or transports gas within a storage field.

  • Trap: Pipeline facility for launching or receiving tools and pigs. See Launcher and Receiver.

Corrosion Inspection and Monitoring