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Corrosion Monitoring & Inspection Glossary - O

  • Obstructions: Any restriction or foreign object that reduces or modifies the cross section of the pipe to the extent that gas flow is affected or in-line inspection pigs can become stuck (ovality, collapse, dents, undersized valves, wrinkles, bends, weld drop through). Also any foreign object in the pipeline. (See pipe collapse)

  • Off-Line Inspection: Inspection of a pipeline section that is removed from service.

  • Off-Line Monitoring: Refers to monitoring methods in which a sample is taken for subsequent analysis.

  • Oldfield & Todd analysis: Equation for determining the oxygen corrosion for carbon steel in seawater.

  • On-Line Inspection: Inspection of a pipeline section while it is in service.

  • On-Line Monitoring: Refers to installation of monitoring equipment for continuous measurement of metal loss, corrosion rate, or other parameters in an operating system. Data are obtained without the removing the monitoring device.

  • Ovality: A condition in which a circular pipe forms into an ellipse, usually as the result of external forces.

Corrosion Inspection and Monitoring